Organics, Biodynamics and Sustainability

The Old Chaff Mill is a registered fully organic and biodynamic property. Most people know what “organic” is. But what about “biodynamic”?

It all starts with the soil. Biodynamic farming is simply a way of managing land that enhances the soil and the surrounding environment by using natural improvers rather than chemical sprays. Instead of spraying weeds with poisons, we plough them in or pull them out, and plant natural competitors to discourage their regrowth. Instead of synthetic fertilisers, which degrade the soil over time and actually weaken plants, we use a special form of concentrated cow manure along with compost liquids to encourage nature’s own processes to rejuvenate the land’s fertility. And we spray natural ground quartz over our plantings to strengthen their cell walls- this makes them fungus-resistant, and by enhancing the effects of natural sunlight, promotes their growth and the flavour of the fruit.

Around the property we also use a mix of rainwater and recycled water. The Chaff Mill runs entirely on filtered rainwater. We use a worm farm for our wastes, and offer compost bins in both our suites. Solar panels and a battery reduce our carbon footprint, and we put as much carbon back into the soil as we can by the use of mulches and other natural carbon sources.

We don’t believe we own the land, but the land owns us. As its temporary custodians, our goal is to pass it on to the next generation in better condition than we received it, including the structures on the land and the stories they tell. That’s why we poured so much into restoring the Chaff Mill, and will always go the extra mile to make our property a healthy, happy place of rejuvenation for all who come here.